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I'm Guido Perucchini

Student of Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Saronno / Milano Bovisa
+39 3491180638

Hello! I'm Guido Perucchini. Student of Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
I am a dynamic person who likes to get involved and deal with each situation in the best way possible, always learning from past experiences.
I am comfortable to work in teams but I am also able to complete my tasks independently.
I'm not a person who gives up easily or leave things halfway. I am always excited to reach every goal and put all myself into play to reach the goal

Professional Skills

Mechanics 90%
CAD 82%
Analysis 80%
Fluid dynamics 87%
Coding 75%
Structure Analysis 76%

My Interests

From an early age I enjoyed photography and graphic design, and I have developed over the years several websites and graphics. I practiced different sports like tennis, basketball, tchoukball and rugby.
I consider myself an active and dynamic person, able to face any challenge with the right spirit to overcome it, never give up.

  • Nature
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Skiing
  • Playing Tennis
  • Climbing
  • Swimming


2008 - 2013

Diploma in General High School

Liceo Scientifico GB Grassi, Saronno

It is a High School (5 years), which gives a full preparation, blending scientific culture with literary and humanistic. The characteristic features of the course are the high school skills, which favors the development of abstract thinking, the capacity for reflection and critical sense and versatility of logical-deductive, which are amplified by the dualism between Latin and mathematics. The High School then provides the student with all the knowledge necessary to safely access to any university faculty: interpretation and revision of texts, setting and problem solving.

2013 - now

Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering

Politecnico di Milano

Energy Engineering is the branch of Industrial Engineering dealing with the design and operation of energy production and consumption plants and their components in order to ensure a better use of available resources, reducing environmental impact to a minimum. The programme prepares energy engineers able to deal with issues specific to thermodynamic conversion of various forms of energy, HVAC and environmental wellbeing, with a good knowledge of the technological and operational issues of machines used and economic analysis methodologies.

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Master of Engineering


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